We were quite a small group this past month in our dance circle, and it is difficult to always know what others left with, but for me personally it was all about one thing—surrender. This is not always an easy lesson and fortunately comes in bite sized portions so I can digest it better.

The first dance of the evening was one taken from the Islamic tradition and used the phrase, "Bismillah Er Rahman, Er Rahim (We begin in the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate). This is always a good place to start as it reminds us that we need to always start everything we do with the knowledge of God, and the mercy and compassion that comes with God. After all, who doesn't need to be constantly reminded that they need more mercy and compassion in their lives!?

The next dance seemed to set the theme which was repeated throughout the evening in a number of ways. The lyrics are:
Teach us to remember, and to thy grace surrender.
Teach us to remember, and to thy grace surrender.
Show us the way of love.
Show us the way of light.
Show us the way of truth.
Show us the way of life.

As we surrender and recognize our inability to control life, then we begin to find true love, light, truth and ultimately life. There are many thoughts on what it is to live a life surrendered to God and I dare say it is quite different for each one of us. The first part of that song says, 'Teach us to remember.' It is so very easy to forget! Teach us to remember to surrender to God's grace.

The conclusion and final dance of the evening used another Arabic phrase from Islam.
La ilaha el il Allah.
(There is no God, but God.)

As we welcome everyone within the dance circle, we place no emphasis on any one spiritual path and feel there is ample room for everyone and their beliefs. So whether you believe in a Goddess figure, a Higher Power, a Prophet or a Hindu deity, we encourage you to fill in the blank.

Let ______ be ________. When we recognize that we can not control every situation in life and yield to that higher power, in complete surrender, then everything seems to fall very tidily into place. It isn't so easy when I have a tendency to want to be god as well. I suppose in the true heart of the dances, there is room for many Gods, but I'm not sure I want to be one of them! I'm happy to live with the phrase that there is no God, but God.

I surrender!