It isn't often that I have the free time to just play and illustrate, especially working and attending graduate classes. However, during this short recess before the autumn term starts again I decided to brainstorm on a few t-shirt designs and am posting one here. I have had several people encourage me in this direction and thought perhaps some of you may enjoy wearing this; especially for those who participate in the Dances of Universal Peace. You will notice a wide range of words in various languages which all spell the word PEACE.

Some of the languages may be familiar, but unless you are a linguist I would suggest many are not. Goom-jigi is my favourite on the list, which is in the Buli language in Ghana, followed closely by Fandriampahalemana, noted in Malagasy. No matter how you say it, or whether you dance it correctly, peace happens when people come together!

If you are interested in pre-ordering the t-shirt, please contact us here at the Evansville Dances of Universal Peace.