Inspired by the words of St. Theresa I created this image last year and attempted to bring some of the major faith communities we have in our local community together. This is only a minute sampling as it is difficult to draw borders around diversity.

One of the reasons I have returned back to this phrase and consequently decided to show a little of my art work is the news of the so-called minister in Florida who is insistent on burning Qurans as a protest against Islam. This speaks of a lot of different things, the first obvious one being that anyone can call themselves a 'minister.' However, I cannot use this phrase when connected to such people who are full of hatred and narrow-minded opinions.

When I think of the word 'minister' I immediately think of the New Testament as Jesus served as one of the ultimate examples in love and ministry. He healed the sick, gave money to the beggars, he raised the dead and rejected nobody. He chastened the mob about to stone Mary Magdalene with the words "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."

Such actions as the burning of the Quran is an abhorrence and not a Christian reaction. This church seems to be practicing the very same radical actions terrorists do who hide under the guise of Islam, only they do it in the name of Christianity. Though the burning of the Quran is not as dramatic as the thousands of innocent lives who perished on September 11, it is that same ignorance and deep-seated hatred that makes all of us ashamed to be parts of either one of these communities. Unlike Christianity, Islam carries so much more reverence and esteem to their holy book. To write in the margins, allow it to rest on the floor or other such practices done by the Christian church is unthinkable in Islam.

However, this is not about a holy book or several evil terrorists. It is more of a commentary on society as a whole. Though we have made so many paths in breaking down mistrust, misunderstanding and ignorance—it is news such as this in Florida that reminds us that we have so much farther to go.

True Islam is not about hatred, killing and revenge. True Christianity certainly does not condone such unforgivable hostility either. No matter what faith we profess the reality is that there is room for us all. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Paganism or any of the hundred and thousands of beliefs in the world, we are all the same. God is even kinder than you think.