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Posted by Erich Shelton on Friday, February 11, 2011, In : Symbols 

Om (also spelled Aum) is a Hindu sacred sound that is considered the greatest of all mantras.

The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels a and u combine to become o) and the symbol’s threefold nature is central to its meaning. It represent several important triads:
  • the three worlds —earth, atmosphere, and heaven
  • the three major Hindu gods —Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva
  • the three sacred Vedic scriptures—Rg, Yajur, and Sama

Thus Om mystically embodies the essen...
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Yin Yang

Posted by Erich Shelton on Wednesday, September 8, 2010, In : Symbols 
The most well-known of Taoist visual symbols is the Yin-Yang symbol, also known as the Taiji symbol. The image consists of a circle divided into two teardrop-shaped halves — one white and the other black. Within each half is contained a smaller circle of the opposite colour. What is the meaning of the Taiji symbol?

In terms of Taoist cosmology, the circle represents Tao — the undifferentiated Unity out of which all of existence arises. The black and white halves within the circle represen...
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The Sufi Symbol

Posted by Erich Shelton on Monday, August 16, 2010, In : Symbols 
The symbol of the Sufi Movement is a heart with wings. This denotes that the heart is between soul and body, a medium between spirit and matter. This is the law of gravitation in abstract form, as it is said in the Bible, ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ When man treasures the things of the earth, his heart is drawn to the earth. But the heart is subject not only to gravitation, but also to attraction from on high, and as in the Egyptian symbology wings are the sym...
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October 18-20, 2013
Indianapolis, IN)
Dances of Universal Peace Retreat with Munir Peter Reynolds

The retreat will be held at 6505 Ralston Avenue. You will be part of an intimate gathering in a beautiful room. Attendance limited to 30. Cost: $90 without a bed, $105 with a bed.

For more details or information contact Paula Saffire at 317 257 0537.


March 28-30, 2014
(LaSalle Manor, Plano, IL)
Midwest Dance Retreat

Mark your calendars NOW! More details to follow.

Check out the venue here.