Be Love Now, the third book in Ram Dass' Trilogy offers timeless teaching on love and spiritual awareness. Following the two-million copy Remember, Be Here Now in 1970, and its influential sequel Still Here, the new book from spiritual guru Ram Dass, Be Love Now, is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart. He is joined by Rameshwar Das in offering this book to anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness and improve their capacity to serve—and love—the world around them.

Ram Dass shares powerful lessons on love, including:
  • Love is a state of being, not a trip from here to there. The truth of this path of the heart is that there is no path. There is only the heart and the love.
  • Surrender to Love. In the West surrender implies giving up power, but surrendering to a guru or the beloved doesn't mean giving up power to another human being—it's letting go fo the stuff that keeps you separate.
  • Value your beloved above yourself. You favorite food is on the table, and your main concern is that your lover should have enough of it. You are fulfilled when your lover eats.

Definitely a worthy read, full of mediation practices and secret passages into a new understanding of love.