If you have got this far you will already have realised we have a new website. This isn't really news now but I couldn't stand seeing a blank page! However…this brings me to a point which I need your help on (especially for you local dance members). We would really like the website to be a place of sharing news, encouragement, discussions, calendar events, workshops, photos, etc.

If you have any news which we would all value from knowing or perhaps have heard of an upcoming event, PLEASE let us know. Maybe you have read something recently which sparked something inside you. Share it with us. Maybe you would like to recommend a good book or interesting article. E-mail us and let us know. We want to serve you as the dance community and in order to do so we need your regular contribution, thoughts or suggestions.

Drop us a line, add a comment, respond to a future post or whatever you feel you would like to bring to the dance table and local community.